Beatles The End 1969-1970 Dvd

Beatles The End 1969-1970 Dvd
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Beatles The End 1969-1970 Dvd This is a fantastic dvd that has news report and interviews and stuff you would never normally see. Peter Sellers and Ringo in a comedy skit and Ringo on Laugh Inn, Paul's death report on the news, live music and videos this is a must have for any fan, check out what this dvd has to offer. 1969 Festival Di San Reno (Mary Hopkin, Jan-31) Goodbye (Mary Hopkin) Goodbye (Mary Hopkin, Ed Sullivan, March) George Gets Busted (March 12) Paul Marries Linda (March 12) Paul at London Airport (March 17) John Marries Yoko (March 20) John In Amsterdam (March 25) George After Court (March 31) John at London Airport (April 1) Get Back # 1 Don't Let Me Down Get Back # 2 Ballad Of John & Yoko #2 Ring in Southampton (May 16) John in Freeport (May 25) John in Toronto (May 26) John in Montreal (May 29) Here Comes The Sun Come Together (#18 & 19 Home Movies Esther & Abbey Road - July) Isle Of Wight (August 31) John at Apple (September 15) Ballad Of John & Yoko #3 (Music Scene, September 22) News Reports - Is Paul Dead? (October 22) Paul In Cambeltown (October) Something

1970 John In Paris (January 26) John at Black Center (February 4) Laugh In - Ringo (February 23) Magic Christian Trailer Let It Be # 1 Two Of Us Let It Be # 2(#32 ! Ed Sullivan Show March 1) The Beatles Break Up (April 10) The Beatles Break Up (April 12) Let It Be Trailer For You Blue The Break Up Interview (December) Paul at High Court (February 19, 1971)

Video Quality: Quality ranges from acceptable to very good, 7.75-8.5 Running Length: 120 minutes