Bob Seger Jason Aldean CMT Crossroads 2014 DVD

Bob Seger Jason Aldean CMT Crossroads 2014 DVD
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The CMT series “Crossroads” demands patience of its fans, generally doling out new installments only every few months. But that patience is always rewarded, and the episode having its premiere Friday night is particularly tasty.(Quality is awesome 9.5 Must have for any fan!)

The series pairs a country music artist with a rock star, each singing or joining in on the other’s songs, and the fit Friday is just about perfect, with Jason Aldean sharing the stage with the veteran rocker Bob Seger. Every “Crossroads” produces at least one especially striking performance; the only question here is whether it’s “Turn the Page,” one of Mr. Seger’s most enduring tunes, or the Aldean hit “She’s Country,” or one of several other candidates.

It’s the 52nd show since “Crossroads” began in 2002. Some pairings bring together two very different kinds of artists: for instance, James Taylor and the Dixie Chicks in 2002. For this one, though, the main contrasts are generational and geographic. Mr. Seger, who came out of the Detroit suburbs, turns 70 next year; Mr. Aldean, from Macon, Ga., is 37.

Vocally, though, Mr. Aldean could easily be Mr. Seger’s younger self, and either could well have made a hit out of the other’s best-known tunes. The songs underscore just how thoroughly country has merged into rock, and the episode is part homage, part rebirth: Mr. Seger, who is currently touring,