Boston Boca Raton Florida 2003 dvd

Boston Boca Raton Florida 2003 dvd
Item# boston-boca-raton-florida-dvd

Product Description

Boston Boca Raton Florida dvd This is a very good audience recording of Boston, one of the most underrated bands ever, jamming in Boca Raton Florida in front of a rocking crowd. This is on the 3rd stage tour, a must have for any Boston fan with a great song list.Quality is 8/10

Rock and roll bank

Feelin satisfied

Star spangled banner

I had a good time

Piece of mind

I think I like it

More than a feeling

Guitar solo


Don't look back


Cool the engines

I need your love

I'll be there

With you

Let me take you home tonight

Get Organ-ized

Walk on



Foreplay/Long time