BTO LIVE 1975 1988 Reunion DVD

BTO LIVE 1975 1988 Reunion DVD
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Product Description

BTO LIVE 1975 1988 Reunion

If you love BTO, you will love this DVD that features the 1975 road tour special and the 1988 reunion show in the Saskatchewan Penitentiary. Both are professionally shot with an hour and 41 minutes of old-school rockin'. This offers chapters and menus. Quality Rating, 75 road tour - Quality 8/10 great, 88 reunion - Quality 8.5/10

1)Rollin' Down The Highway

2)Commercial Break

3)Lookin' Out For Number One

4)Away From Home

5)Randy Bachman Interview/Let It Ride

6)Rock Is My Life

7)Four Wheel Drive

8)Takin' Care Of Business

9)Dick Clark's '76 New Year's Eve Bash with Taking Care Of Business

10)Let It Ride

11)Hey You

12)You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

13)Roll On Down The Highway

'88 Penitentiary Reunion

1)Let It Ride

2)Rollin' Down The Highway

3)Hey You

4)Guitar Solo

5)Four Wheel Drive

6)Drum Solo

7)Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

8)Taking Care Of Business