Cars Live TV Collection DVD"AWESOME"

Cars Live TV Collection DVD"AWESOME"
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Cars Live TV Collection "AWESOME"

This is awesome dvd with a ton of classic footage, many rare tracks quality is 8.5/10 to 9/10 very good.

Midnight Special 9-17-79: -Let's Go Dangerous Type Moving In Stereo Candy-O Got A Lot On My Head Nightspots

Friday's 9-19-80: Touch And Go Shoo Be Doo Gimme Some Slack

Tomorrow Show Nov. '81: Shake It Up Cruiser

Friday's 1-8-82: Shake It Up Since You're Gone Think It Over

Saturday Night Live 5-12-84: Magic Drive

Live Aid 7-13-85: -You Might Think -Drive -Just What I Needed -Heartbeat City

Saturday Night Live 10-31-87: Strap Me In Double Trouble

MTV Video Awards 9-11-87: You Are The Girl Double Trouble Bonus footage (VH1 special)10 min.