Cheap Trick Essen Germany 83 DVD

Cheap Trick Essen Germany 83 DVD
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Cheap Trick Essen Germany 83 DVD

This is the always exciting Cheap Trick in Essen, Germany October 15, 1983, professionally shot with Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, John Bryant, and Bun E Carlos. They show Germany their American pride! This performance has the rare song from the movie, Heavy Metal, Reach Out, where they do a stellar job performing it.Quality is a 8.5/10

1)Hello There

2)California Man

3)I'll Be With You Tonight

4)Southern Girls

5)I Want You To Want Me

6)Reach Out

7)On Top of the World


9)Dancing the Night Away

10)Heaven's Falling

11)Everything Works If You Let It

12)Baby Loves to Rock

13)If You Want My Love

14)Stop This Game

15)Next Position Please

16)Ain't That A Shame

17)She's Tight

18)Dream Police


20)I Can't Take It

21)Day Tripper

22)Clock Strikes Ten

23)Big Eyes

24)Good Night