Clash (The) TV Collection dvd "super"

Clash (The) TV Collection dvd "super"
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Clash (The) TV Collection dvd "super"

This is a fantastic dvd that is rare and very entertaining quality is great and offer menus and chapter selection.quality is a 9/10 overall.

UK & Austria tv 1-Interview 2-English civil war 3-Capital radio 4-Janie Jones 5-What's my name 6-Garageland 7-Clash city rockers 8-Political discussion 9-Tommy gun 10-I'm so bored with the USA 11-London's burning 12-Armagideon time 13-London calling 14-Int+ Police and thieves 15-Interview + live 16-Clash city rockers 17-Somebody got murdered 18-London calling 19-Safe Europen home

Track 1-2 from Alright now March 79 Uk tv Track 3-6 Elisabethan Suite Manchester Nov 77 Track 7-9 Something Else Uk tv Jan 78 Track 10-11 Rock revolution Manchester Dec 78 Track 12 Kampuchea concert London Dec 79 Track 13-15 Aylesbury Friars Jan 80 Track 16-19 Ohne maulkorbe Vienna May 81

US tv 1-London calling 2-Train in vain 3-Guns of Brixton 4-Clampdown 5-News report 6-Magnificent seven 7-Interview 8-This is Radio Clash 9-Interview 10-Straight to hell 11-Should i stay... 12-Arrival 13-Know your rights 14-Should i stay...

Track 1-4 Fridays Los Angeles Apr 80 Track 5 Bond's news report Jun 81 Track 6-8 tom Snyder Tomorrow show Jun 81 Track 9 Live at five us tv Late 81 or early 82 Track 10-11 Saturday night live Oct 82 12-14 Us Festival May 83