Dio Live Compilation 2 Holland, Philly, Japan DVD

 Dio Live Compilation 2 Holland, Philly, Japan DVD
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Dio Live Compilation 2 Holland, Philly, Japan This is a great compilation of Ronnie James (pro-shot) that starts with Prins Van Oranjehal Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland 1983, plus his performance at the Spectrum, in Philly 1984, and Super Rock Japan 1985 plus added bonus materal, quality is a 8/10 overall.

Stand Up And Shout-- Straight Through The Heart-- Shame On The Night-- Children Of The Sea--- Holy Diver-- Drum Solo-- Stargazer-- Guitar Solo-- Heaven And Hell

Rainbow In The Dark-- Man On The Silver Mountain-- Evil Eyes-- Don't Talk To Strangers-- Philly 84 1) Stand Up And Shout-- 2) One Night In The City-- 3) Don't Talk To Strangers-- 4) Mystery-- 5) Holy Diver-- 6) Egypt (The Chains Are On)- 7) Drum Solo-- 8) Heaven And Hell (Part I)- 9) Guitar Solo-- 10) Heaven And Hell (Part II)-- 11) Last In Line-- 12) Heaven And Hell (Part III)- 13) Rainbow In The Dark-- 14) The Mob Rules 15) We Rock Super Rock Japan 1985 King Of Rock 'N' Roll Like The Beat Of A Heart Don't Talk To Strangers Hungry For Heaven The Last In Line Holy Diver Heaven And Hell Sacred Heart Rock 'N' Roll Children Long Live Rock 'N' Roll The Man On The Silver Mountain Rainbow In The Dark Stand Up And Shout