Frank Zappa Saturday Night Live Appearences + Live DVD

Frank Zappa Saturday Night Live Appearences + Live DVD
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Frank Zappa Saturday Night Live Appearences + Live Contains parts of both Saturday Night Live T.V. shows filmed in New York, that featured F.Z. The second of which he actually hosted! Frank is featured playing some great songs, and also appears in some very funny comedy skits with John Belushi, Dan Akkroyd, Bill Murray, The Coneheads, ect. Also, features the awesome Terry Bozzio on drums, and Violinist Eddie Jobson (both rarely seen on video) and the great Saturday Night Live horn section. If you have never seen this you are missing out. Includes the extra feature SWEDEN from 1973. This contains a segment from a great outdoor show that exclusively features Jean-Luc Ponty on violin. 92 minutes.Quality 8.5/10 Great for the time period

SNL 76:

Opening Credits

I'm the slime

Purple Lagoon

The killer trees

Peaches in regail...

SNL 78

Dancing fool

The coneheads at home

The meek shall inherit nothing

Night on freak mountain

St. Alphonzo/Rolla

Closing credits

Sweden 1973:


Dupree's paradise

Father oblivion

Cosmic debris