Guess Who (The) Together Again "excellent " DVD

Guess Who (The) Together Again "excellent " DVD
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Guess Who (The) Together Again "excellent "

This is a rare professionally recorded concert dvd of The Guess Who on their reunion tour in 1983 with a bonus of The midnight Special and Don Kirchner's Rock Concert, the band plays some BTO (Randy Bachman is in the band) Quality is great 9/10 Shakiní all over-- Sour smile-- Albert flasher-- You ainít seen nothing yet-- Undun-- No sugar tonight-- New mother nature-- Laughing-- Hand on to your life-- Taking care of business-- My own way to rock-- No time-- These eyes-- American woman

Bonus footage: Midnight special 1974: American woman-- These eyes-- Clap for the wolfman-- Hand me down world--

Don Kirschner Rock Concert 1975 No time-- Dancing fool--