J Geils Band DVD Boston Shuffle 2-DVD Set 79-99

J Geils Band DVD Boston Shuffle 2-DVD Set 79-99
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J Geils Band DVD Boston Shuffle 2-Disc Set 79-99

This is a super rare compilation of the bad boys from Boston with many concert clips, rare videos, and a spectacular reunion show, live in New York, 7/11/99. Picture quality and sound range from decent to very good. This is the only known professionally recorded footage this extensive. Quality rating varies runs from 7.5/10 to 8/10

Disc 1--Live Boston 79

1)Just Can't Stop Me

2)I Could Hurt You


4)One Last Kiss



7)Wild Man

8)Where Did Our Love Go


10)Love Stinks

Concert From France 1980


2)Looking For Love

3)Whammer Jammer

4)Where Did Our Love Go


1)Love Stinks


3)Freeze Frame

4)Angel In Blue

5)Land Of A Thousand Dances

6)I Do

7)Concealed Weapons

Rotterdam 1982, Peter Wolfe Interview

1)Freeze Frame


Disc 2 Reunion Show From New York City 7/11/99

1)Just Can't Stop

2)South Side Shuffle


4)Pack Fair And Square


6)Night Time

7)Serves You Right To Suffer

8)Cruisin' For Love

9)One Last Kiss

10)Freeze Frame

11)Hard Drivin' Man

12)So Sharp

13)Detroit Breakdown


15)Just Can't Wait

16)Give It To Me

17)Musta Got Lost

18)Love Stinks

19)Looking For Love

20)Whammer Jammer

21)House Party

22)Where Did Our Love Go


24)Land Of A Thousand Dances

25)Start All Over Again

26)First I Look At The Purse