Journey Escape Tour 81 from Japan DVD

Journey Escape Tour 81 from Japan DVD
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Journey Escape Tour 81 from Japan DVD

This is the incredible Journey, professionally filmed on their Escape tour in Tokyo, Japan, July 31, 1981. This is an exceptional concert that has a better variety of songs than the Houston, 1981 concert. This concert has a super picture and sound and for rare Journey concert footage, it doesn't get any better. Quality is a high 8.5/10 excellent for such rare footage! Be sure to check out the Journey section on our website for all things Journey.

1)Where Were You

2)Line of Fire

3)Don't Stop Believing

4)Stone In Love

5)Keep On Runnin'

6)When Love Has Gone

7)Who's Cryin' Now

8)Lay It Down

9)Keyboard Solo

10)Dead or Alive

11)Turn Around In Tokyo Jonathan Cain vocals


13)Stay Awhile

14)Too Late

15)Dixie Highway

16)Loving You Is Easy

17)La Do Da

18)The Party's Over

19)Wheel In the Sky

20)Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

21)Any Way You Want It