Kinks (The) Rockplast Germany 1982 DVD

Kinks (The) Rockplast Germany 1982 DVD
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Kinks (The) Rockplast Germany 1982 This is a super live show professionally recorded in Germany in 1982, the Daviess brothers never sounded better, quality is a 8.5/10 Around The Dial-- The Hardway Where Have All The Good Times Gone-- Captain America Calling (Catch Me Now, I'm Falling--) Come On Now-- Destroyer-- Yo,Yo-- Lola-- Dead End Street--- Add It Up Low Budget-- Art Lover-- Back To Front-- A Gallon Of Gas-- All Day And All Of The Night-- Give The People What The Want-- Pressure-- You Really Got Me-- Stop Your Sobbing -/ David Watt

90 Min.