Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 2 DVD set

Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 2 DVD set
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Led Zeppelin Knebworth 1979 2 DVD set

When I saw this for the first time I was really impressed. I knew it was out there , but I had no idea how good it was. The band plays its heart out for the crowed in Knebworth England.This time period is my favorite for Zeppelin not too old not too new, Quality is great especially for the time period 8.75/10

Disc One

The Song remains the same

Celebration day

Black dog

Nobodyís fault by mine

Over the hills and far away

Misty mountain hop

Since Iíve been loving you

No quarter

Hot dog

The rain song

White summer/Black mountain side


Trampled under foot

Sick again

Achilles last stand

Disc Two

Jimmy Page Solo

In the evening

Stairway to Heaven

Rock N Roll

Whole lotta love

Let that boy boogie woogie

Whole lotta love (reprise)

Communication breakdown