Metallica Seoul Korea 2006 2 DVD

 Metallica Seoul Korea 2006 2 DVD
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Metallica Seoul Korea 2006 2 disc

This is a killer 2 disc show shot in Seoul Korea August 15, 2006 it is professionally recorded and has great quality! Quality 9/10


Ectasy Of Gold-- Creeping Death-- Fuel-- Harvester Of Sorrow-- Frantic-- The Unforgiven-- For Whom The Bell Tolls-- Orion-- Master Of Puppet-- Fade To Black-- Battery-- Sad But True-- Nothing Else Matters--- One-- Enter Sadman-- The Other New Song-- Seek And Destroy---


Seoul Bonus: Wherever I May Roam-- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)-- Download Festival Interview-- The Thing That Should Not Be-- Sad But True-- Seek And Destroy--