Motley Crue Behind The Music DVD

Motley Crue Behind The Music DVD
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Motley Crue Behind The Music "Super"

Quality 9.5/10 features Menu's and chapter points. Rock's most notorious band embraced excess and pushed it as far as they could: from their wild stage theatrics (Nikki Sixx would light himself on fire), to the hair, makeup, spandex and stilettos with which they adorned themselves, to the drugs and alcohol they consumed, and of course the girls, girls and more girls. Even "settling down" was done with rock star attitude: Three of the Crue's four members married Playboy playmates, Tommy Lee most famously uniting with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson after his marriage to TV star Heather Locklear disintegrated. Now sober. like all the members of the band, Lee talks to BTM about both those relationships, including the famous "adult viewing" tape of himself and then-wife Anderson. Nikki Sixx gets philosophical about his overdose and out-of-body death experience, and Vince Neill shares the moving story of the loss of his four-year-old daughter Skylar. This heavy metal morality tale includes an interview with pal and Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.