Motley Crue In Side Out The Resurection DVD

Motley Crue In Side Out The Resurection DVD
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Motley Crue In Side Out The Resurection Of all the hell-raising head bangers to rise out of the '80s, none were bigger, bolder, and more dangerous than Mötley Crüe. Then, in a flurry of flying fists and verbal assaults, rock's most notorious gang disbanded, bitterly vowing they'd never play together again.

Now, six years after Mötley's violent break-up, the band's management will take on the impossible task of re-uniting the original Crüe. With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, they're betting the bank they can get the boys to bury the hatchet long enough to tour the world.

Inside(Out) gives an uncensored, unflinching, and brutally honest look at a heavy metal miracle in the making. Private band meetings, intimate interviews, top secret rehearsals, recording sessions, photo shoots, and all the behind the scenes drama you'd expect when Tommy Lee, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars decide to get in a room together. Quality is great 9/10