Molly Hatchet Alive in 83 DVD

 Molly Hatchet Alive in 83 DVD
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Molly Hatchet Alive in 83 This is some premo old school southern rock on this dvd you will find this rare concert footage will bring back many fond memories the first 8 songs are excellent quality and the bonus tunes are fair quality but very rare .For fans of Molly Hatchet when Danny Joe Brown was the frontman this can not be beat! 1. Bloody Reunion 2. Whatís It Gonna Take 3. On The Prowl 4. Sweet Dixie 5. Gator Country 6. Dreams Iíll Never See 7. Flirtiní With Disaster 8. Fall of the Peacemaker

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert ON 6/27/79

1. Flirtiní With Disaster 2. Gator Country 3. Dreams Iíll Never See

Chorus TV Paris, France ON 9/7/79 1. Big Apple 2. Dreams Iíll Never See 3. Flirtiní With Disaster 4. Crossroads Item #243