Paul McCartney Video Collection 2 DVD

 Paul McCartney Video Collection 2 DVD
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Paul McCartney Video Collection "a must have"

Excellent quality collection of videos from Paul McCartney, running from the period of 1971 to 2002. Quality will vary from video to video, but overall are 8/10. 246 minutes Maybe Iím amazed_

Heart of the country_

3 Legs_

Mary had a little lamb_

Little woman love/C moon_

My love #1_

Uncle Albert_

Live and let die_

The mess_

Maybe Iím amazed_

Hi Hi Hi_

C Moon_

My Love #2_

Band on the run medley_

Helen Wheels_

Band on the run_

Silly love songs_

My babyís request_

Old Siam sir__

Again and again_

Spin it on_

Getting closer_

Mull of Intyre_

With a little luck_

London town_

Goodnight tonight_

Rockestra theme_

Wonderful Christmastime_

Coming up_


Ebony & Ivory_

Tug of war_

Take it away_

Say say say_

Pipes of peace_

Disk two:

So bad_

No more lonely nights_

We all stand together_

Spies like us_

Once upon long time ago_


Only love remains_


Pretty little head_


My brave face_

This one_

Put it there_

We got married_

Get back_

The long and winding road_


Sgt. Pepper medley_

Hope of deliverance_

Címon people_

Off the ground_

Biker like an icon_

Young boy #1_

The world tonight #1_

Beautiful night #1_

Young boy #2_

Flaming pie_

Little willow_

Calico skies_

Beautiful night #2_

The world tonight #2_

Brown eyed handsome man_

No other baby_

From a lover to a friend_