REO SPEEDWAGON- "Live: You Get What You Play For" 1977 CD

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REO SPEEDWAGON- "Live: You Get What You Play For" 1977 This is a soundboard recording with good quality.CD's Come in plain paper sleeves.Comes with free US shipping,(no tracking provided in the US)tracking can be provided (in the US) for 2.00 extra.Shipping cost will be refunded on foreign orders if the customer buys more than 3 Cd titles. 1. "Like You Do" Richrath 6:54 2. "Lay Me Down" Philbin, Richrath 3:38 3. "Any Kind of Love" Richrath 3:34 4. "Being Kind (Can Hurt Someone Sometimes)" Cronin 6:36 5. "Keep Pushin'" Cronin 4:06 6. "(Only A) Summer Love" Richrath 6:05 7. "Son of a Poor Man" Richrath 5:30 8. "(I Believe) Our Time Is Gonna Come" Cronin 4:49 9. "Flying Turkey Trot" (Instrumental) Richrath 2:35 10. "157 Riverside Avenue" Doughty, Gratzer, Luttrell, Philbin, Richrath 7:38 11. "Ridin' the Storm Out" Richrath 5:47 12. "Music Man" Cronin 2:58 13. "Golden Country"