Thin Lizzy Visual Metalogy 1973 to 1986 3 DVD set

 Thin Lizzy Visual Metalogy 1973 to 1986 3 DVD set
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Thin Lizzy Visual Metalogy 1973 to 1986 3 DVD set This is a fantastic collection of Thin Lizzy from 1973 to 1986. This dvd features interviews, live footage, commercials, even a New Years song and Christmas song, also Phil Lynott solo stuff and project bands. Quality on this set varies from 7.5/10 to 9/10 but for the most part quality is very good, especially considering there is 5 hours of rare material, with menus. This set comes in a double dvd case with the 3rd dvd in a paper sleeve. Dedication (Video) Tv Commercial (1981) Whiskey In The Jar (Musikladen '73) Me & The Boys Were Wondering How The Girls Are Getting Home Tonight (Australia '78) The Rocker (Dutch Tv '74) Do Anything You Want (Video) Jailbreak (Top Of The Pops '76) Massacre (Rainbow '77) Still In Love With You (Dublin Stadium '75) The Boys Are Back In Town (The Rock & Roll Years Tv Program '76) Angel Of Death (London '82) Interview (1982) A Merry Jingle (Top Of The Pops '79) Genocide (Rockpalast '81) Waiting For An Alibi (Video) The Sun Goes Down (Dublin '83) Trouble Boys (Music Box, Ger. Tv Program '81) Chinatown (Spanish Tv '82) Jailbreak (Midnight Special '76) Emerald (Midnight Special '76) The Boys Are Back In Town (Midnight Special '76) Rosalie (Midnight Special '76) Interview '85 Sarah (Video) This Is The One (London '83) Dancing In The Moonlight (Top Of The Pops '77) Cowboy Song (Australia '78) 19 (Razzmatazz, Uk Tv Program '85)

Disc 2 Interview At Dressing Room (The Tube '83) The Boys Are Back In Town (The Tube '83) Sun Goes Down (The Tube '83) Cold Sweat (The Tube '83) King's Call (Video) Whiskey In The Jar (Top Of The Pops '73) Memory Pain (Rockpalast '81) Sha La La (Rainbow '77) Bad Reputation (Australia '78) Renegade (Dublin '82) Are You Ready (All Right Now, Uk Tv '80) Rosalie (All Right Now, Uk Tv '80) Dancing In The Moonlight (Midnight Special '77) Hollywood (Uk Tv '82) Please Don't Leave Me (Razzmatazz, Uk Tv '82) The Rocker (Video) Thunder & Lightning (London '83) Waiting For An Alibi (Top Of The Pops '77) Wild One (G-Plus Tv '75) Got To Give It Up (Rockpalast '81) Baby Drives Me Crazy (Rainbow '77) Interview ('81) Killer On The Loose (Video) Ode To A Blackman (Old Grey Whistle Test '81) Somebody Elses Dream (Old Grey Whistle Test '81) We Are The Boys Medley (Uk Tv '83) Chinatown (Video)

Disc 3 Suicide (Rockpalast '81) Don't Believe A Word (Top Of The Pops '77) Holy War (Dublin '83) Whiskey In The Jar (Ger. Tv '73) With Love (Video) Emerald (Midnight Special '77) Bad Reputation (Midnight Special '77) Do Anything You Want To Do (Musikscene Program, Ger Tv '79) Waiting For An Alibi (Top Of The Pops '79) Merry Jingle (Kenny Everet Program, Uk Tv '79) Black Rose (Rockpalast '81) Dear Miss Lonely Heart (Video) Out In The Fields (Video) Interview Sykes ('84) Interview Phyl ('84) Military Man (Rockpop '85) Sugar Blues (Rockpalast '81) That Woman (Video) Are You Ready (65 Live Program, Uk Tv '81) Renegade (Uk Tv '82) Hollywood (Spanish Tv '82) The Man's A Fool (Swe Tv '82) Johnny The Fox (Video) Cold Sweat (Uk Tv '83) The Boys Are Back In Town (Top Of The Pop '76) Disaster (Rockpalast '81) Me And The Boys (Rainbow '77) Whiskey In The Jar (Video)