Trick Or Treat Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne DVD

Trick Or Treat Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne DVD
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A teenage outcast's obsession and fascination with rock music and heavy metal superstar idol, Sammy Curr, turns into a spine-tingling, life-threatening situation not only for the outcast, but also for his high school and home town. Trick Or Treat movie Featuring special appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons. Quality 8.5/10 with menu features 5 stars

ROCK AND ROLL DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trick Or Treat film This movie is wickedly evil, and revolves around HEAVY METAL killer!!, and yeah, I have five of them, four of which are still factory sealed, I guess you could say I really like this movie huh? By skullmstr85 (Pahrump, NV.) Verified Buyer 5 stars

A true classic Trick Or Treat review I know when I was a kid, this was the 1st movie that I related to as a young outcast metalhead. By greg_musgrave (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) Verified Buyer 5

Quality film Trick Or Treat DVD for sale A fine horror type movie with a kicking soundtrack by Fastway, Ozzy makes a small but funny appearence as a anti rock type preacher and Gene simmons rocks as Nuke the DJ again a small part but still great. By richard (Wales UK) Verified Buyer 5 stars

ONE OF THE BEST TEEN MOVIES OF THE 80'S Trick Or Treat movie THIS MOVIE ROCKED BIG TIME WITH A KICKING SOUND THAT ONLY FASTWAY COULD HAVE MADE. A GREAT SOUNDTRACK AND AN EVEN BETTER MOVIE THAT WAS CLEVER AND FUNNY WITH THE HERO GETTING THE GIRL IN THE END. By MICHAELCBAREFOOT (FOUR OAKS, NC, USA) 5 st sweet movie Man i'm a young metal head and I love this movie. This movie is very heavy metal which is rare these days. By ridethedeth (Hazelton,BC,Canada)